Laura Ingalls Fuqua

Communications & Content Marketer


Laura loves helping nonprofits tell their stories in ways that create healthier, more stable funding for their missions.

Laura has worked as a professional communicator for 20+ years, leading high-performing nonprofit and corporate marketing teams. She helps organizations focus their messaging, increase brand awareness and produce positive social change.

For years, Laura served on the board of Little Lights Urban Ministries. She also worked as a communications trainer for young journalists in Iraq and for civil society groups in Nigeria.

She is a former senior producer for CNN International and is related to author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura has an MS in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and a BA in journalism from the University of Arizona.

Laura consumes too much coffee and not nearly enough history, sci-fi and superhero stories. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and their adopted Cocker Spaniel/Pomeranian.


Speaking engagements

ASU Forum on Nonprofit Effectiveness, “7 Wonders of the Storytelling World”

ASU Nonprofit Conference on Sustainability Strategies, “Optimizing Your Fundraising Portfolio”

USAID Electoral Empowerment of Civil Society Program, “Strategic Communications”


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