Brianna Klink de Ruiz

Operations Manager


Brianna works closely with clients to ensure we meet or exceed our project goals. She also created Beezable, a tool that empowers nonprofits to create, print and send their own donation letters.   

She has nearly 20 years of experience in organizational development, talent strategy and instructional design. Brianna is passionate about creating processes and job aids that help teams spur growth and boost long-term performance.

Brianna also enjoys empowering her community to thrive. She’s held various volunteer positions with the Community Association of Seventh Avenue, Yaple Park Historic District, and Maricopa County Democratic Party.

A veteran improviser, Brianna performs regularly at The Torch Theater. She uses her improv skills to help clients create healthier, more inclusive teams. 

She holds a BA in psychology and drama from the University of Washington. Brianna lives in Phoenix with her husband and two adopted Chihuahuas.


Speaking engagements

ASU Forum on Nonprofit Effectiveness, “7 Wonders of the Storytelling World”

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Annual Conference, “Improv Skills That Fuel Collaboration”

CO+HOOTS, “Use Improv Skills to Connect with Clients”


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