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Field Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

Often we’re so eager to start executing on a marketing campaign that we forget or rush through the other two parts: strategy and evaluation. But when you rush to execution, I can practically guarantee campaign failure. Or if luck is on your side, partial results. Here’s how to do it right.

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The Digital Avenger: Or How I Learned to Love Print Again

As I moved up the nonprofit ladder, I started a one-woman campaign against print. If there was no proof of ROI, I destroyed it and sometimes recreated it in digital form. But now I know that when print and email get together, average response rates soar. That means more money to fund programs and make meaningful change happen.

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Basic Nonprofit Fundraising Plan Template [Free Download]

All too often, the year starts and fundraising planning gives way to crisis control. To help you get out of emergency mode, I’m sharing this nonprofit fundraising plan template – all ready for you to customize. If you’ve ever wondered how to write a successful fundraising strategy, this is a great start.

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