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Beezable frees charities to save the world, not stuff envelopes

Phoenix marketer Virginia Treviño and fundraiser Terri Shoemaker knew there had to be an easier way for nonprofits to get donor mailings done. 

Like many nonprofits, the animal welfare group they met at did mail in-house, instead of hiring an expensive agency. That meant hours of staff time cleaning data, getting print bids, stuffing envelopes and running to the post office. 

“Donor mail is a pain point for many small-to-medium nonprofits,” says Shoemaker, who has raised millions of dollars for national and regional organizations. “But they have to do it, because mail is still 88 times* more effective than online fundraising.”

Pain turns into opportunity

Shoemaker and Treviño teamed up with two friends – nonprofit communicator Laura Ingalls Fuqua and instructional designer Bri de Ruiz – to find a solution. The result is Beezable by Abeja Solutions, an online tool that helps you create, print and mail donation letters right from your computer.

With Beezable, a fundraiser can get a donor mailing ready for print in less than an hour. Fundraisers choose a template, upload their content and mailing list, and pay for printing and shipping. Beezable professionally prints and sends appeals to donors within 7-10 business days. 

“We were stunned that this automation tool didn’t exist in the marketplace,” says Treviño.

Unlike other direct mail services, Beezable contains features that cater to nonprofit needs – such as letters with detachable, donor reply devices. It’s designed to free up fundraisers’ time so they can spend more of it building relationships with key donors.

“Beezable is not really about the tech at all,” says de Ruiz, who has developed products for Microsoft and Corpedia. “It’s about the bigger question of how to make meaningful connections with donors.”

An under served market

Beezable is the first product from Abeja Solutions, a fundraising marketing firm that Treviño and her colleagues founded in 2014. The Abeja team sees a huge opportunity to serve the nonprofit industry. 

Nonprofits make up 5.4 percent of U.S. GDP, contributing over $905 billion to the economy.** Most giving comes from older, individual donors, as opposed to foundations and corporations, making mail essential for most nonprofits.  

For now, Abeja will focus on serving fundraisers in Arizona, especially women. 

“We know a lot of our clients are just like us – hard-working women who want to balance their work and home lives,” says Fuqua. “We want to help fundraisers spend more time changing the world, and less time worrying about how to pay for it.”

About Beezable

Beezable is an online, self-publishing tool for busy fundraisers at all skill levels. The tool was born from the “hivemind” of four nonprofit refugees. We’ve worked across the charitable industry – in food security, animal welfare, international development and education. Get started on your next donor appeal at 

About Abeja Solutions

Beezable is powered by Abeja Solutions, a fundraising consultant firm in Phoenix, Arizona. We help nonprofit and for-profit clients design campaigns that increase revenue, engage audiences, and get more results from traditional and digital tools. Abeja is the Spanish word for bee. And like our namesake we are agile and adaptable, able to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Learn more about our team at 


*Data & Marketing Association
**Urban Institute: Nonprofit Sector in Brief

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