Valentines Only a Fundraiser Could Love

Do you tell your fundraiser you love them enough? In most nonprofits, the answer is no.

Actions certainly speak louder than words, but sometimes a little shared laughter can help change things up for the better. That’s why Abeja Solutions created this series of fun Valentines Only a Fundraiser Could Love.  

Tell that special fundraiser you care with a card inspired by pun-tastic elementary school valentines.


Speak your fundraiser’s love language? Now you can joke about lapsed donors in your database, and learn the difference between LYBUNT (donor gave Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year) and SYBUNT (gave Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year).


Any pro fundraiser will tell you that proper punctuation is overrated in fundraising appeals. As are complete sentences. (See what we did there?) Great fundraisers make donors happy, not their 10th grade English teachers.


Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. Donors who thoughtfully use their reply slips are like a spouse who always replaces the toilet paper roll without being asked.   


Like an online dater, some donors want it all – life-changing programs, inspirational storytelling and personalized donor support at zero cost. Instead of crying, let’s just laugh it off for once. And think about how dreamy Dan Pallotta is.


And finally, here’s to the little donors. Those individual givers who really keep the lights on at nonprofits, without demanding pages of justification and a cost-free, gold-plated statue erected in their honor.

That’s true love, baby.

Terri Shoemaker is Chief Strategy Officer of Abeja Solutions, a fundraising support firm that helps nonprofits create reliable revenue. A professional fundraiser, Terri has raised millions of dollars for nonprofit and higher education institutions. Read more from Terri.

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